Cooling Bed Pillow--Why We Need One

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Cooling Bed Pillow--Why We Need One

  1. How Temperature Affects You Sleep

According to renowned sleep researcher and neuroscientist Matt Walker, during our nightly sleep phase, there is an intrinsic decrease in our body temperature by approximately two to three degrees Fº.

As we hit the hay, our body gets cooler which helps us to relax and fall asleep more easily. If your room's too hot, it might take longer to doze off and your sleep quality might suffer. 

  1. Why We Need a Cooling Pillow 

Have you ever experienced difficulty falling asleep during hot summer nights? Or have you woken up sweating? If so, it suggests that you may not be getting the best quality of sleep.

There are a lot of things we need to do for a cool sleeping environment, for example, a fan, an air conditioner. However, it is equally important to invest in a cooling pillow. Even in a cool environment, a warm or sweaty pillow can make you feel hot and uncomfortable, compromising the quality of your sleep.

So it’s necessary to choose a cooling pillow instead. 

  1. Do Cooling Pillow Work

Yes, they work.

A cooling bed pillow is designed to provide enhance sleep quality by keeping the head and neck cool and comfortable throughout the night. It typically features a cooling layer or cooling technology that helps regulate body temperature and prevent overheating during the night. The cooling properties of the pillow help dissipate heat and moisture, allowing for a more restful and undisturbed sleep. Some pillows also have an adjustable loft, which can help maximize airflow.

Additionally, a cooling bed pillow can be beneficial for individuals who experience hot flashes, night sweats, or live in warmer climates. 

  1. How Do Cooling Pillows Work

Cooling pillows work by utilizing materials that have temperature-regulating properties. These materials can include gels, breathable fabrics, or natural fillings that promote airflow. Some cooling pillows use moisture-wicking technology to draw perspiration away from the body, while others use phase-change material, which absorbs, stores, and releases heat to maintain a constant temperature.

We use this another special technology in our customer-favorite QUTOOL COOLING Pillow - Gel-infused memory foam. Combines the supportiveness of memory foam with cooling gel that helps dissipate heat.

Besides, QUTOOL COOLING PILLOW also with a special Silky Smooth cooling cover, which is made of cooling ice silky fabric, reducing the heat your body produces during the night. 

The primary goal is to reduce the amount of heat absorbed, thus providing a cooler sleep surface throughout the night.

Find a Premium Cooling Pillow For You

Ready to invest in a cooling pillow for your better sleeping? At QUTOOL, cooling gel-infused memory foam provides perfect support for your head, neck and spine while keeping you at a comfortable temperature through the night.

QUTOOL PILLOW is crafted using the highest quality shredded memory foam with CertiPUR-US Certification. Unlike other pillows that use repurposed materials, our pillow is made with new manufactured cooling gel memory foam. Our pillow filler has no crust and won't stick together, combines a high proportion of memory foam pieces with a slight amount of polyester fiber, providing a smooth and consistent sleeping surface.

With QUTOOL PILLOW, you and your family will wake up feeling refreshed and energized every morning.

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