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How Temperature Affects You Sleep According to renowned sleep researcher and neuroscientist Matt Walker, during our nightly sleep phase, there is an intrinsic decrease in our body temperature by approximately two to three degrees Fº. As we hit the hay, our body gets cooler which helps us to relax and fall asleep more easily. If your room's too hot, it might take longer to doze off and your sleep quality might suffer.  Why We Need a Cooling Pillow  Have you ever experienced difficulty falling asleep during hot summer nights? Or have you woken up sweating? If so, it suggests that...

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Why some pillows could help you melt into a dreamless slumber, while others make you tossing and turning all night long? You may be sleeping with a wrong height  pillow!  What is Pillow Height and How to Choose the Right Height? You’ll most often find pillows described with one of the following three terms:Low Loft – Pillows with low loft are three inches thick or less. Mid Loft – Pillows with mid loft are between three and five inches thick.High Loft – Pillows with high loft are five inches thick or more. With this description, it may help to to choose...

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