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How Temperature Affects You Sleep According to renowned sleep researcher and neuroscientist Matt Walker, during our nightly sleep phase, there is an intrinsic decrease in our body temperature by approximately two to three degrees Fº. As we hit the hay, our body gets cooler which helps us to relax and fall asleep more easily. If your room's too hot, it might take longer to doze off and your sleep quality might suffer.  Why We Need a Cooling Pillow  Have you ever experienced difficulty falling asleep during hot summer nights? Or have you woken up sweating? If so, it suggests that...

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A new shredded memory foam pillow can sometimes come with a chemical smell also known commonly as "off-gassing". This smell can disrupt sleep and become quite discomforting but can be remedied. Here are some useful methods to let the odor go away fast

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Since memory foam is a unique material, some techniques should be known to avoid damaging the foam. Memory foam pillows are quite long-lasting with proper maintenance. Below are three guides to keep your pillow fluffy and bouncy.  Part 1. Daily   Taking advantage of the memory foam’s viscoelasticity, squeezing and hitting it every morning can help to keep the memory foam in optimal condition. You can also fluff up your memory foam pillow by grabbing both ends and pushing them together. Shaking and squeezing the pillow every day to maintain its fluffiness. Part 2. Monthly   Because the shredded memory foam material tends to absorb moisture, it becomes lumpy or loses volume over...

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Hotel pillows are known for their superior comfort and quality. But why are hotel pillows so comfortable? It all comes down to the materials used and the level of craftsmanship that goes into making them. First, What pillows do hotels use? Hotel pillows are a lot wider at 90cm or 100cm and thus decorate the full width of the bed. This is why hotel beds always look so beautifully made. Hotel pillows are usually made from high-grade, breathable materials such as cotton and down. These materials provide superior comfort, as they are both soft and gentle on the skin and...

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Finding the right pillow and positioning it correctly is essential for reducing back pain. In order to get a good night’s sleep, it is important to ensure that your pillow is providing the necessary support for your neck and back. Here are some tips on how to position your pillow to reduce pain and get the restful sleep you deserve: Begin by finding a pillow that is suitable for your needs and sleeping position. Generally, a very soft pillow is not recommended when it comes to reducing back pain since it does not provide enough support. Look for a medium-firm...

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