Do Men or Women Need More Sleep?

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Do Men or Women Need More Sleep?

A: Is there a gender difference between how much sleep you need at night?

Q:YES. New research shows that, women do need more sleep than men.

A:How much more sleep do women need?

A recent Duke study may help answer this question. It was found in this study that women needed an average of 20 minutes more sleep each night.  The idea is also agreed on by Dr. Jim Horne a sleep expert. He explains that women on average use their brain more during the day than men. One of the key functions of sleep is healing your brain.

This result is also supported by crowdsourced data from Jawbone. They also found that women on average sleep more than 20 minutes a night. They point out this amounts to an extra full 5 days of sleeping a year than man.

Multiple studies have found that women fall asleep faster than men.  This may suggest they have a greater need for sleep;  it could also suggest they are simply more tired on average.  Studies show women also spend more time in deep sleep than men.  Although that changes in menopause, when women take longer to fall asleep and spend less time in deep sleep than men.

So, go ahead ladies, enjoy that extra sleep!

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