Do you really know the mattress protector

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Do you really know the mattress protector

What is a mattress protector? 

Maybe many people will be a little confused when they see the word "mattress protector". In fact, the mattress protector is a cloth cover that can be placed directly on the mattress, which is closely related to our life.

The main function of the mattress protector is to wrap the mattress and cover the mattress dust. The mattress itself is larger, the internal materials are also very special, and it is easy to dust and dirty, and it is very troublesome to clean. Therefore, if you use the mattress protector, you can solve this problem well. Remove the mattress protector from the mattress and clean it.

In the process of using the mattress protector, the requirements for the size of the bed are also very high. Generally, 1.8m * 2m bed is equipped with 1.8m * 2m * 25cm mattress protector, and 1.5m * 2m bed is equipped with 1.5m * 2m * 25cm mattress protector. Although the size of the mattress protector is very high, one thing is very convenient, that is, the style of the mattress protector is suitable for all types of beds, so there is no need to worry about whether it is suitable for selection and purchase.

Now, it is very common to use the mattress protector as a mattress cover for protection, but you may not know that in fact, the mattress protector can also be used as a bed sheet. When it is used as a bed sheet, it is easier to fix and slip than the ordinary bed sheet. Some people prefer to use the mattress protector as a bed sheet.

So how to buy high-quality mattress protectors?

The material of mattress protector is still inseparable from fabric (i.e. cloth). There are various kinds of fabrics on the market. It is generally recommended to choose cotton or bamboo, because sleep is in direct contact with the body, and cotton and bamboo are relatively healthy; The second is to choose the thickness of the fabric. The thickness is seasonal, of course. According to their regional seasonal characteristics, you can choose thickened cotton, and finally select the finely ground fabric. It is generally recommended to buy pure cotton and bamboo without any other ingredients, which is best for your health.

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