Five self-care habits you can develop in bed

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Five self-care habits you can develop in bed

Five self-care habits you can develop in bed

We’re here to share five easy ways to take care of yourself from the comfort of your own bed.  

  • Create a Five-Star Hotel at Home

You don’t have to go anywhere fancy for self-care. The right bedding can turn your bedroom into the five-star hotel of your dreams. Slipping into a luxuriously soft bed at end of the day feels incredible, and it doesn’t have to come with a high price tag either. Try our cooling pillows for the ultimate way to pamper your skin and hair, all while you sleep. And for extra softness, add ourCooling Waterproof Mattress Protector, cozy comfort you’ll never want to leave.


  • Wake Up to Breakfast in Bed

Speaking of five-star hotels, breakfast in bed is the perfect time to unwind. And while you might have strong feelings about getting crumbs in the bed, this is all about setting aside time to take it slow and enjoy the start of your day. It can be an elaborate spread with your favorite foods or a simple cup of coffee. No matter what you decide to eat or drink, the important part is that you take it slow and savor the moment before the start of a busy day. 

  • Make Time for Your Favorites 

The best part about going to bed is that it’s your time—to sleep, relax, and do your thing. Whatever you look forward to doing at the end of the day, make it part of your bedtime routine. The possibilities are endless—watch reruns of your favorite show, recharge with a good book, or listen to your go-to podcast as you get ready for bed. Before you know it, this nighttime routine will become the best part of your day. 

  • Connect Before You Unplug

It can be hard to go to bed when you’re distracted by your phone and other devices. Generally, most sleep experts recommend turning off electronic devices at least thirty minutes before bed. But before you do that, it can be beneficial to spend time connecting with the people you love. Take time to respond to text messages you didn’t have a chance to reply to during the day, catch-up with a close friend over FaceTime or Zoom, or simply write a letter to a loved one the old-fashioned way. Setting aside time to prioritize relationships helps you provide (and receive) the emotional support you need for happier mental health. 


  • Set Yourself Up for Success

One of the easiest ways to start something new is to pair it with an existing routine—something you already do without fail. Since you go to bed and wake up in the same spot every day, pairing your self-care goals with your nightly and morning routine is a no-brainer. Here are a few ways to do just that: 

-    Want to drink more water? Fill up a glass and leave it on your nightstand to drink first thing in the morning. 

-    If you’re trying to declutter, start small. Spend five minutes before bed straightening your nightstand, dresser, or closet. 

-    Waking up earlier can be tough. Just before you go to bed, open your curtains or blinds to create a physical reminder of your goal by letting in more natural light to help you wake up. 

  • Self-Care is All About You 

No matter how you decide to take care of yourself, it’s all about you. Self-care looks different for everyone, so the most important thing to do is find what works best for you. No matter what, you work hard and deserve time to yourself. And remember, when life happens, we’re always here to help you sleep it off. 





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