Gel Memory Foam VS Memory Foam: How to Choose

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Gel Memory Foam VS Memory Foam: How to Choose

You may have some memory foam products, such as bed pillows, mattresses, memory cushions, but you may still not be very clear the key fators for a comfortable memory foam products. 

Memory foam products are famous for its’ comfortable support by below characters:

Pressures relief:

Different from other materials, memory foam molds your body curve, provide you soft touch feeling while enough support. So when you use a memory foam pillow, it could help to support your neck and head to help keep the nature curve, at the same time, the pillow still feels soft enough to be comfortable when I squish it, and it isn't so firm that I feel pressure against my ears or jaw.

No motion transfer:

Memory foam is known for isolating motion transfer. Think about how many times you've seen a commercial of someone jumping on a memory foam mattress next to a full glass of wine. It never spills! That's because memory foam absorbs motion instead of transferring it through the bed.

Actually, this feature is great for the mattress, double bed mattress.

Difference between traditional memory foam and gel memory foam?  

Both traditional memory foam ang gel memory foam could provide for a good sleeping experience by molding your body. The material proved to be so comfortable and sturdy that it made its way into mattresses. 

One of the biggest complaints, which we’ll go over in a later section, is the fact it has a tendency to retain body heat, making it uncomfortable to sleep under high temperatures.

QUTOOL high density memory foam

The gel memory foam was created to resolve this issue.  

Gel memory foam is made from similar viscoelastic material used in traditional memory foam with one huge difference: GEL. Millions of tiny liquid gel beads are infused into the foam to help make the sleep surface cooler and more flexible. It also works to increase the airflow to keep you cool as you sleep.  

QUTOOL gel memory foam

How to Choose? 

Acturally,  gel memory foam and memory foam are pretty similar. 

The main difference between the two is the temperature regulation. Gel memory foam feels cooler than traditional memory foam. But traditional memory foam tends to be more durable than gel foam.

If you’re a hot sleeper, you could choose a gel memory foam bedding product, such as pillows and mattress. But gel memory foam is more expensive than normal memory foam.

So if you don’t really mind the cooling design or responsiveness of gel memory foam, traditional memory foam might be a better option for you.

Gel Memory Foam vs. Memory Foam Comparison Chart will show it clearly

comparation chart between gel foam and regular foam

Qutool cooling bed pillow uses premium shredded gel memory foam, which allows the air to flow through every area. Besides, temperature regulating cooling gel particles are infused into the foam to alleviate excessive heat build-up, so no heat is captured during the night. The high airflow also keeps moisture out to create a healthier sleeping atmosphere.

qutool shredded memory foam



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