How to choose a office cushion?

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How to choose a office cushion?

Much of today's work must be inseparable from the computer, we often need to sit for long periods of time, bringing harm to the body is very large, the most obvious is the waist overwork injury.

For this situation, a very good solution is the use of ergnomic cushions, the role of such products is very powerful, not only can save your waist can also prevent the production of such problems. It can also protect the curve of the buttocks so that the body becomes more perfect.

Cushion for daily life also has a great help, the body comfortable natural work efficiency is also high, for often sitting still we need what type of cushion it?

Sedentary people need to buy the best cushion that is elastic, some of the softer ones with a hard product are very good. Some padding is made too soft, when you first use it feels okay but after a period of time will begin to collapse and also be useless, of course, there are some orthopedic cushions that are a full hard material.

Now let's see what to pay attention to in order to find their favorites as well as the right cushion.

  1. Season

The cushion is not to buy a lifetime use, and must often be replaced. Different seasons should use different cushions, the choice of summer can be light and breathable fabric or easily smothered with heat rash, autumn and winter are more suitable for some warm or slightly thicker cushions.

  1. Brand

Many people are beginning to pay attention to this issue, then the business is naturally not willing to lag behind, many well-known brands of products are very mature, choose a big brand for the use of the situation will be of great help, some cushions placed in the back can also play a repair role, slowly repair your back problems.

Even though many brands will often do activities, buying big brands can save a large amount of money afterward, equivalent to spending a little more expensive money but buying peace of mind.

  1. Softness

Cushion in addition to orthopedic cushions must be on the hard side of the material, the choice of the ordinary cushion should not be too hard nor too soft, moderate strength is the best, too hard comfort is not enough, but too soft and seems to play a role, so we should also pay attention to this point when buying.

  1. Thickness 

Thickness is also a basic criterion to assess whether the product is good or bad, after all, is placed on top of the chair, you have to consider whether it is stuffed in, in line with the aesthetics of the cushion about 1-2 cm on it, not only can play its original role, but also will not take up space.

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