How to choose a suitable office seat cushion

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How to choose a suitable office seat cushion

Why do we need office cushions

According to a recent survey of 51869 people by OfficeGo, people aged 22 and over sit for 7.5 hours a day on average, while people aged 12 to 21 sit for 8.2 hours a day. People sitting on chairs often need to use cushions to relieve physical fatigue.

Seat cushion is an indispensable fabric product for office workers. They are both comfortable and have decorative effects that cannot be replaced by other items. Use the seat cushion to adjust the contact point between the body and the seat to a more comfortable angle to reduce fatigue. The cushion used for leaning is easy to use, flexible and convenient for people to use in various occasions and environments.

In addition to the ergonomics of the chair, you should also consider the seat cushion. Choosing the right cushion for your body will bring you health.

When choosing the right office seat cushion for your chair, you need to go through a long decision-making process. But once you decide on the right cushion, don't order it from the retail website without carefully considering your current work settings and the exact size of the cushion you buy.

For example, what is the width of this chair? Does the seat cushion fit your office chair? In conclusion, please try to consider the size of the chair cushion and the space of the office chair to determine whether there is a violation of office rules.

To be sure, it is very useful for people who sit for a long time to put cushions on their chairs, which can alleviate the fatigue of sitting for a long time to a certain extent. It is best to choose cushions with good ventilation and support. The memory cotton pad is very good. It has a certain supporting effect. It is not too hard, but it is also more durable. Just sit up and feel your butt will sink slowly until the memory cotton is completely compressed and compact, which can well disperse the pressure on your thigh and tailbone.

In addition, please remember that all cushions are judged according to the material, so it is better to choose a matching one; The hardness and thickness are very important. Don't be too thin or too soft. This will not support you. Don't be too thick or too hard. Too thick may cause the chair to become inappropriate, and too hard may also hurt the hips.

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