How to Find Your Perfect Pillow for Neck Pain Relief

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How to Find Your Perfect Pillow for Neck Pain Relief

Why you feel neck pain?

If there is no problem with your cervical spine, the reason for neck pain is first to hold an uncomfortable position for a long time, such as sitting in front of the computer for a long time, and the cervical spine does not relax naturally when sleeping.

For adults, 7 to 9 hours of sleeping will be fine, it means, one-third of life is spent in bed for sleeping.

Normally we feel relaxed after sleeping, but some times may feel neck and shoulder pain when weak up in the morning. It means that at the time of sleep, your cervical spine is not always enjoying a relaxed situation, and the reason for cervical discomfort is - the pillow.

You may need to change a bed pillow with a suitable height and support or you could choose a pillow in which the loft is adjustable or an ergmonic cervical bed pillow

What is a right pillow?

A principle: the pillow is not only used to cushion the head, but also used to cushion the neck.

  • Position your pillow correctly: the pillow must be under down the neck. We can self-test when lying down, the lowest chin is towards the sky, which means that the pillow is too low, if the chin is downward pressure, that is, the pillow is too high, the chin should remain horizontal, only comfortable, and the correct pillow height.
choose a right height pillow
  • Sleep accounts for a third of life, posture can not be careless. Many people have also accustomed to not padding pillows, when sleeping head will be tilted back, and cervical vertebrae under pressure than when tilted forward is also twice as high, and long-term down, will certainly be a problem. 
  • As for the height of the pillow, young people can be slightly lower, older to slightly higher, because the softness of the cervical vertebrae will change with age, the older the stiffer, it needs more support.

A comfortable pillow should provide the right amount of support to the neck, helping to maintain the natural cervical curvature. This not only promotes better sleep, but also helps to prevent neck pain and discomfort. It is advisable to choose a pillow that suits your individual needs and sleeping habits to ensure optimal support and comfort.

qutool 2-height memory foam cervical pillow

    People who know the quality of life are investing in health, the pillow is good or bad to occupy a third of life's sleep, and how to use a pillow will be regarded as a top priority.

    No matter you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or combination sleepers QUTOOL adjustbale loft pillow is just for you.

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    QUTOOL PILLOW is crafted using the highest quality shredded memory foam with CertiPUR-US Certification. Unlike other pillows that use repurposed materials, our pillow is made with new manufactured cooling gel memory foam. Our pillow filler has no crust and won't stick together, combines a high proportion of memory foam pieces with a slight amount of polyester fiber, providing a smooth and consistent sleeping surface.

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