How to Re-Fluff a Flat Pillow

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How to Re-Fluff a Flat Pillow

How you re-fluff your pillow will depend on the material of your pillow. So before you start, take a look at the label and take note of any special instructions. The last thing you want to do is mess up your pillow by throwing it on the dryer on too high of a setting.

Fluff your pillow by hand

Fluffing your pillow by hand is the most basic way to fluff your pillow. And it really is as easy as it seems. What you’ll want to do is pick up your pillow with one hand on each end. Then you’ll want to bring your hands together, over and over again. Kind of like your pillow is an accordion. This will help break up any clumps of materials in your pillow. Then you reshape it, and you’re done! 

Fluffing your pillow by hand is something you can do every day –– not just when you’re pillow is so flat drastic action needs to be taken. When you wake up in the morning, massage your pillow a few times to help slow the flattening process. 

Fluff your pillow in the dryer with a tennis ball

Fluffing your pillow in the dryer is one of the lowest effort ways to fluff your pillows. If fluffing your pillow by hand doesn’t work, you can try the dryer trick. All you have to do is throw them in the dryer with a tennis ball and go. We know what you’re thinking: what the hell are the tennis balls for? Essentially, the tennis balls repeatedly hit the pillow and break up any clumps of material and redistribute it. If you don’t have any tennis balls, don’t worry. You can tie t-shirts up in balls, and it will serve the same purpose. 

You want to avoid putting your pillow in the dryer at a high temperature. Otherwise, you could damage the cover or filling. Pay close attention to the type of pillow you have; that will help you determine how long and what temperature you should put your pillow in the dryer. If you have a cotton pillow, throw it in there for 20-minutes on low. 

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