5 Ways to Solve the Smell of Newly Purchased Pillows

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5 Ways to Solve the Smell of Newly Purchased Pillows

Memory foam pillows are typically quite comfortable and offer exceptional support, and although they are generally durable, they are prone to odors because they are crafted from a dense foam that traps odors inside. Sweat, saliva, and other body stains and odors can settle in the foam, and even with conventional washing, these odors can linger. Fortunately, it is possible to remove odor from memory foam pillows without damaging or compromising the loft, texture, or shape of the filling. Here's how:
1. Vacuum the pillow
In order to remove any dead skin or dust mites and effectively freshen the pillow, you should begin by vacuuming it. Cover your vacuum's upholstery attachment using a clean cloth or pillowcase and run it over over the surface of the pillow. This will overwhelm the vacuum with the dust and dirt that might have accumulated on the surface and make it operate more efficiently.

2. Put the pillow in the sun
Sunlight may not only deodorize your pillow but also eliminate any germs that could otherwise develop odors over time. Put your memory foam pillow out in direct sunlight on a working day to safely sanitize it. Direct sunlight can prove too hot for some delicate materials, so ensure that yours is not exposed to direct rays of sunlight considerably stained items until the odor is cleared. Allow any wetness or trapped moisture to evaporate outside thoroughly.

3. Refresh The Pillow with Baking Soda
The most popular method many people turn to when their memory foam pillow begins to stink has to be the baking soda trick. Merely sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda evenly on both sides of the pillow covering, brush them down gently in a coating, emphasis on shady or weaker marks, and — after waiting about an hour (or longer as desired) — vacuum each side softly until the baking soda comes off/takes off. This method is relatively inexpensive and effective for removing all manner of unpleasant smells from the pillow.

4. Use Enzyme Cleaner
Enzymatic cleaners claim to be very successful in removing odors since they function by breaking down the organic filth that is stinking at the molecular level. Enzyme cleaner products to consider include the Rocco & Roxie Enzyme powered odor remover and Nature's Miracle laundry boost. If suitable, move on to the damp spot and wash it carefully according to the cleaner’s instructions, or delicately rinse and blot dry areas without damaging the pillow with a clean/damp microfiber cloth cloth.

5. Trigger baking soda paste
If you are confronting tougher odors/problems than mere scatter on baking soda necessarily help, a thicker paste consisting of over two (2) parts baking soda mixed with only one (1) part water may just be the solution you require. Mix the ingredients until the washing soda dissolves in a disposable container, then utilize disposable gloves, dip your fingers into the mix, and then scrub it using a few other cotton ball efficiently over the marks, attempting not to submerge/wet memory foam inside too extensively through fabric portions. Allow for up to 45 mins or more, then fully vacuum up the cleaning paste which has dried flush on such a cloth's surface assistance of a fitted machine.

Memory foam pillows are supported for their comfort and longevity, although they're infamous for holding odors. These contaminants can become close to impossible once grown hardened pores, so employ the means discussed here to make the less odor problems as times go on. For daily care, tap the apex often and keep a clean cover, change instances several times annually, and eventually, try cleaning ‘staining’ marks preferably with quick spot cleaning frequencies else surface compatible cleaners only: leaving wetness trapped can just make problems worse for you.

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