How to Sit Pain-Free in an Office Chair

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How to Sit Pain-Free in an Office Chair

If you spend most of your day working on a computer or seated at a desk, you’re probably familiar with the aches and pains that never quite go away. Sitting for long periods of time has been shown over and over to have a negative impact on our health—it can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, back pain, chronic muscle tension, and more. Research suggests that back pain is one of the most frequent job-related disabilities worldwide.

Why Does Sitting Cause Pain?

Prolonged and poor sitting postures are one of the most common ways for tension to build up in your body. Over time, incorrect sitting posture can damage spinal structures and contribute to or worsen back pain. This can feel like tight muscles, stiffness while moving, muscle fatigue, and pain.

For example:

Your chair is not comfortable, too low, too hight, no support to your back, too hard to hurt your bottom and tailbone.

Imroving your ergonomics and sitting posture are the most useful measures you can take to prevent this build up of tension in the body and remain pain free at work and home.

Guidelines for Pain-free Office Chair Setup

  1. Chair height:   The height of your office chair should be such that:
  • Your feet are flat on the floor.
  • Your knees are the same level as your hips or are slightly lower
If your chair is too high, and couldn't adjust the height, you also could consider to use a QUTOOL footrest to solve this problem and sitting more comfortable.
if your chair is too high for you, a footrest is a great solution
          2.  Add a Seat Cushion for Tailbone Pain: 

    Regular chairs are shaped in a way that can squeeze your hips, misalign your pelvis and spine, and force your posture into a slumped position. Sitting in this way can cause pain and fatigue from the pressure exerted on your hips, along with long-lasting spine and joint problems. Especially after sitting in hard chair for sevral hours, there is an indescribable pain and numbness in the tailbone.

    An ergonomic seat cushions help to provide pelvic support while supporting your glutes, thighs and back by helping you sit with better posture, while redistributing the harmful compressive forces on your pelvis. Together, these attributes of its design help mitigate the dangers of prolonged sitting. When your body experiences less compressive pressure, your blood can flow more freely.

    qutool ergnomic seat cushion

            3. Add a Lumbar Support Pillow for Back Pain: 

    Most regular chair with a totaly straight chair back, even with a hard chair back, but our spine is not straight, keep an uncomfortable sitting posture will hurt our back, and makes us feel back pain.

    A lower back pain usually caused by the gap between our lower back and our chair back, in the other words, lack of support there,

    QUTOOL memory foam lumber pillow complements the natural curve of your spine. It fills in the gap between your back and the chair, providing support to the lower back region, or lumbar area, which bears most of your body weight when sitting. 

    Maintaining a proper posture can be challenging, especially when the work requires long hours of sitting. A memory foam lumbar pillow encourages better posture by serving as a reminder to sit up straight.

    qutool office chair back cushion
    1. Enhancing Comfort:

    The pressure-relief attributes and the conforming nature of memory foam make it incredibly comfortable.

    Choosing the ideal memory foam lumbar pillow can vary according to your body shape, size, personal preference, and the extent of your back pain. Nonetheless, integrating this solution into your workspace set-up can provide you with immense relief from persistent back pain.

    So remember, while your devotion to work is commendable, it shouldn't come at the expense of your health. The addition of a memory foam lumbar pillow could make your office hours more productive, efficient, and most importantly - pain-free. 

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