How to Reduce the Effects of Sitting on Hard Chair Too Long

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How to Reduce the Effects of Sitting on Hard Chair Too Long

Everyone knows that sitting for a long time will make people uncomfortable, so will "discomfort" cause harm to their health? Let's hear from medical experts.

Some medical experts have come to the following conclusion through long-term observation, analysis and summary: If a person does not use the protective pad to sit for more than 8 hours every day, a year later, "sitting" will lead to health problems.

Firstly, bone damage. Sitting in a hard chair for a long time will bring great pressure to the bottom of the spine. It will damage the spine for a long time and induce a variety of spinal diseases.

Secondly, muscle damage. Hard faced chairs will increase the pressure of the human body, resulting in poor blood flow, muscle soreness, atrophy, etc., making muscles lose strength and elasticity.

The third is pain. Hard chairs that sit for a long time will also make people feel depressed and tired, and will also cause rising false fire, tooth and throat pain, tinnitus, constipation and other symptoms.

It can be seen that the harm of sitting in a hard chair for a long time is considerable, so do not wait for the pain to pay attention to the problem of "sitting". We should do a good job of "sitting" protection, which can effectively prevent these injuries, and the best way to do a good job of protection is to use a cushion.

Memory foam pad is the mainstream pad at present. Memory foam pad has the following advantages:

Firstly, it is precisely shaped. Memory foam is precisely shaped according to the physiological curve of the human body based on the principle of ergonomics to protect the inherent posture of the human body, thus playing a good role in health protection. At the same time, in product development, the design will be unified with household style and fashionable daily necessities full of popular elements.

Secondly, moderate hardness and softness can effectively relieve pressure and provide reasonable support. Memory foam can be released quickly after being pressured, and its rebound is very small, which is a powerful support for the body.

Thirdly, memory foam can resist mildew. Common materials are easy to breed bacteria and produce musty taste. The memory cotton pad with dust-free particle technology can play the role of anti-bacterial and anti mildew, and it will not breed bacterial mites even in wet conditions. 

Fourth, it is environmentally friendly and light. Memory foam is a green environmental protection material, which does not contain any substances that have side effects on the human body. And it's easy to carry.

In the past two years, with the improvement of people's living standards and health awareness, more and more people have started to use memory foam pads.

For those who need to maintain posture for a long time, here at Qutool, we offer memory foam seat cushion that made of memory foam which can help people relax by providding support that’s contoured to your bod. You can buy one to try, and you will be deeply excited by it.

Qutool seat cushion with a coccyx cut out is great for providing relief to a bruised tailbone. 

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