How to use and clean Mattress Protectors properly?

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How to use and clean Mattress Protectors properly?

First of all, what is a mattress protector?

The mattress protector, also known as the mattress cover, is made of cloth according to the size of the mattress to fit the three-dimensional geometric product of the mattress. The mattress protector has five sides and an elastic ring. Its function is not only to protect the mattress, but also to facilitate cleaning and avoid skin discomfort caused by direct contact with the mattress. After being installed on the mattress, it is not easy to slide like a sheet, and can also be used to replace bedding

But it is also necessary to clean the mattress protector when we use it. Proper cleaning of the mattress protector can prolong the service life of the mattress protector. How to clean the mattress protector?

We should pay attention to the following aspects:

To clean the mattress protector, first stir the neutral detergent and melt it in 30 ℃ water, then clean the articles. Soak for 10-15 minutes before washing, then rinse. After cleaning, keep it dry and do not expose it for a long time.

When cleaning the mattress protector, it is best to use a roller washer or hand wash; The mattress protector you just bought should be washed with weak water for the first time, not bleach; When the mattress protector with printed pattern is cleaned, floating color sometimes appears, which is normal. After cleaning, place it in a dry place and ventilate regularly.

Bed caps are generally not easy to get dirty in large areas, and are easy to clean and maintain. However, the cleaning and maintenance methods for different fabric products are very different. The cleaning marks of each product should be checked for cleaning and maintenance.

Note: The washing water temperature shall not exceed 30 ℃, and the mattress protector shall be put into the bed after the detergent is completely dissolved, and the soaking time shall not be too long. Unnecessary fading may occur due to the use of alkaline detergents or excessive water temperature or uneven dissolution of detergents or too long immersion time.

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