How to SOFTEN Your Memory Foam Pillow in Cold Days

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How to SOFTEN Your Memory Foam Pillow in Cold Days

If you love memory foam pillows but find that they’re becoming too stiff or uncomfortable, then learning how to soften a memory foam pillow may be useful. We’ve got several easy ways to inject some softness into your pillow. 

Temperature dependent

Memory foam is a temperature-sensitive material, meaning they are stiff when they are cold and soft when they warm up.

As seasons change, the performance of the material may change as well. Thus, the pillow performs in a way that is consistent with its environment. For example, it should be expected that laying your head on a memory foam pillow in the winter, will result in the pillow feeling firmer, and it will take longer for the materials to warm up.

Here are some methods to soften your memory foam pillow

  1. Warm It

Because memory foam is temperature-dependent as we mentioned, it becomes softer with the increase of temperature. The most effective way is placing your pillow in the dryer for about 15 minutes. To avoid damaging the foam, the lowest setting will be enough.

  1. Beat It

The memory foam’s fibers will loosen up if they’re exposed to physical stress. Take a blunt object such as a broom handle to punch the foam pillow-concentrating on the areas particularly stiff. You can also let a child to jump on it for several times.

Before punching or jumping on the pillow, make sure to put it on a firm surface.


  1. Increase your body temperature

When you touch the memory foam pillow, it will absorb the heat and get loose.

You can increase the body’s temperature before sleeping, try dancing or other kinds of exercising. With a warm body, your pillow will become softer and match the shape of your neck and head quickly.


Too stiff pillow will make you feel very uncomfortable. Luckily, you can try these methods to make your pillow softer and more comfortable.


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